Federata Shqiptare e Tenisit



The Albanian Tennis Federation is currently hosting an ITF CAP (Coaching Advanced Players) Course in Tirana. Managed by Vitor Cabral, ITF Development Officer for Europe and Goran Shevchenko from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the regional course is being attended by leading coaches from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Among the delegates are Dimitar Labudovikj, FYR Macedonia’s Fed Cup Captain, Predrag Rusevski, a former Davis Cup player also from FYR Macedonia, Kosovo Fed Cup Captain Arben Islami, Vanja Ibrahimovic 12&U Captain and Jasmin Dzambic – both national coaches from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Granit Barajliu, Davis Cup player from Kosovo, and Mujo Dapcevic, member of the Coaches’ Committee of Montenegro.

According to Vitor Cabral, “This is a great opportunity not just for the coaches of these smaller Balkan federations to progress in their education but also to come together to foster cooperation. Most of the countries involved are very small, but they are also very close, making such cooperation a fundamental tool for player development.”

The course is taking place from 22nd October to 1st November.

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